Le Corbusier, Picasso, Noguchi

February 1936 - March 1 1936
Primary Venue
Katharine Kuh Gallery
RESEARCH SUSPENDED, February 2020 - Research efforts have been unable to locate documentation to confirm specific details about this exhibition.  No catalogue or inventories of what was exhibited have been located.  Kuh opened her gallery in the fall of 1935, taking over another gallery space at 540 North Michigan Avenue, in the mezzanine of the Diana Court Building.  (She closed the gallery in 1942).  Kuh was only able mail invitations to her exhibtions, and no catalogues or listings seem to have been printed.   A review in the Chicago Daily News from December of 1935 notes that 'the sculpture by Noguchi is characteristic, broad beam, thin head.' It remains unclear which work or works by Noguchi were exhibited at this time.   
Published On
February 12 2013
Research Suspended On
February 18 2020
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October 23 2019